Who We Are

We are trusted professionals and advisors who our clients look to for their operational resilience needs.

In partnership, we align with our clients individual needs and support them for their long term performance. We are varied in background, embracing diversity of thought through honest conversations and we value teamwork, quality and innovation. Working at Dynamiq is empowering, with the clients needs first and foremost in everything we do.

Our Strategy


Leverage the uniqueness of our data to generate actionable insights to have a meaningful impact with the work we do.


Our best work is when we are helping our clients be their best, aligned to their goals and objectives and guide them through the development, and maturation of their program of work.


Our aim is to make our services accessible to our clients in a way that supports their needs and helps them build the capability and confidence to take risks and thrive.

Why We Are Different

  • Our approach is comprised of people, process and technology We aim to deliver data-driven advisory, promoting adaptive resilience
  • Our Crisis Management Solution, built by crisis management experts, harnesses next generation technology to build operational resilience
  • We aim to be the leader in business resilience outcomes through innovation and technology
  • We aim to enable our clients’ business strategy
  • We want to change the way business leaders view and exploit risk

Our Investors

We are owned by Jonas Software, who acquire, manage and build industry-specific software companies globally. Jonas is an operating group of Constellation Software , Inc. (CSI), a public company listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange.

Jonas Software operates over 100 independently managed software brands around the world, providing them with the strategic guidance and financial security required to be leaders in their respective markets.