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Building critical resilience capability to achieve business goals and objectives. Our unique data-led insights help people like you make better decisions to minimise disruptions in your complex operations.

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We bring genuine insight and meaning to your Operational Resilience Capability

Imagine if operational updates on resilience status could be generated effortlessly. And that you could rapidly & accurately advise on your teams’ capacity, capability, exposure & load. The Operational Resilience Index (ORI) represents transparency, consistency, and the promise of predictable, sustainable performance.  

unleashing transformative value

Resilience is now measurable,
live & dynamic

We’ve redefined Operational Resilience as a State of Readiness — from a ‘concept’ to something meaningful, measurable and tangible. Before – it was a plan on the shelf. Now – it’s the translation of the physical presence of Operational Resilience and a meaningful capability measure. 

Gone are the days of struggling with inconsistent and inadequate data collection that doesn’t adequately measure the value of your investment. Now you can measure and identify where critical capability exists and gauge your organisation’s capacity to plan, prepare, respond and recover to crisis events aligned to your threat profile. 

How we do this

Get a competitive advantage with your resilience program. Now you can measure and identify where critical capability exists and gauge your organisation’s capacity to plan, prepare, respond and recover to crisis events aligned to your threat profile. 


Visibility of the investment and effort for effective preparation. We assess the capacity of your people, plans, stakeholders, technology and adaptation.


Understand where pre-positioned, critical resources exist to enable an effective response. We provide visibility of Event initiation, assembly, situation analysis, action and reflection.


Your ability to manage critical events by number and magnitude with existing resources. For each key exposure we assess if plan was developed and valid, exposure practiced and realised.


Aligning critical capability to likely events that will disrupt your ability to operate seamlessly. We analyse the number, type and duration of active events (actual).

RE-FRAMING resilience

See Operational Resilience in a whole new way

Welcome to where the maturity of critical capability transforms into the tangible embodiment of operational resilience, a meaningful measure of capability. Here, you not only assure key stakeholders of your ability to attract superior capital but also ensure operational continuity irrespective of the threat level.


Confidence in Capability

ORI gives you confidence in decision-making, positioning you to strategically align your investment, and tailor your operational resilience program to precisely meet the requirements of your business goals and objectives. 

Provide a picture across your entire organisation

Strengths & Weaknesses

Understand your organisational strengths & weaknesses and where you sit on a performance scale.

Functional expertise

Support critical business decision-making and have the information to communicate where priorities need to be (both up and down in the organisation).

Team Capactiy

Get visibility over which team(s) have the capacity to perform under pressure.

Adaptive Capacity

Evidence your organisation’s adaptive capacity to all stakeholders. 

Future Investment

Tailor future investment aligned to your risk appetite and threat environment.

Business Continuity

Understand your level of capacity to continue business operations when disrupted. 


You ask, we answer

Welcome to our FAQ section, your go-to resource for answers to common queries. If your question isn’t answered here, feel free to reach out to our friendly customer support team. 

ORI uses your data to measure your enterprise’s capacity and capability to respond to a crisis. What’s more valuable is the ability to see your assets load and exposure to the different material risks inherent to that operating environment that you should be most focused on.

The credibility and quality of your data is important. So while not essential, it is recommended to be an emqnet customer to ensure that the integrity of your data is accurate, complete and updated in real time. This provides assurance that you are seeing the full picture. 

ORI helps you easily understand where your capability exists today, and how that aligns to the organisation’s business’s goals and objectives. It’s enables you to identify hidden information that could potentially inhibits really effective conversation or decision making.

ORI is a meaningful measurement, going beyond activity. Currently, as an industry, the metrics measured are highly tactical. Now that operational resilience is live and measurable and not just a plan on the shelf,  enterprises will have more credibility, transparency and public trust.

Investing in ORI demonstrates you have made a commitment to implementing the principles and performance indicators outlined in your TSM initiative in order to assess and improve sustainability efforts.

A new way forward

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